When planning your tour of this Portuguese city, be sure to include the following top Porto attractions.

Queijo Castle

This single attraction right at the entrance of Porto brings together the city’s history, architectural prowess and military strategy. Visitors will be able to appreciate the strategic location, just off the sea, of the historic building designed to help in defending the city from intruders. As one of the most popular Porto attractions on file, visitors will also have the opportunity to take amazing photos around the Queijo Castle capturing the sea as well.

Church of Saint Ildefonso

Located in close proximity to the popular Batalha Square, the Church of Saint Ildefonso is worth a visit during your sightseeing Porto tour. The architecture of this attraction is slightly different from the other churches in the area. It is said that some of the design elements bear a resemblance to those used on Islamic mosques. Visitors looking to take part in a mass can also go for any of the daily services held at the church as well.

Casa da Musica

When it comes to iconic architecture and exciting performances in Porto, Casa da Musica is definitely the place to go to go sightseeing Porto. Opened back in 2005, the building was instantly rated as one of the most impressive architectural creations of the modern world. You will not only appreciate taking in the view but also have the opportunity to enjoy one of the many concerts hosted at the venue. When visiting Porto, it is recommended that you visit this attraction and check out the list of scheduled performances.

Church of Sao Francisco

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Church of Sao Francisco is among the many iconic churches in the city. One of the top recommended things to do in Porto is taking a tour of this attraction. The building is impressive inside out; the baroque gate welcomes you into the interior which bears the same iconic design; the fact that taking photographs inside the church is restricted makes visiting the attraction a personal experience.

Clerigos Tower

Usually viewed as one of the most iconic architectural masterpieces of the city, and a huge part of its identity, a tour of Clerigo Tower is one of the top things to do in Porto. Visiting the tower, you will also get the opportunity to explore the church adjacent to it. Tourists can take in the impressive architecture and appeal of the structures built in the mid-1700s.

Estadio do Dragao

Soccer is big in Porto, and the biggest and most successful team in the city is based in Estadio do Dragao. As one of the most popular Porto attractions, visiting this attraction gives you the opportunity to learn more about the spirit of the city, especially if you do so during a match day.