There is a considerable measure of things to adore about the busy city of New York, which includes the numerous mystery exhibitions that you may not be aware of. New York is notorious for its underground peculiarities and concealed fortunes. Sadly, not every one of them is open for public. Here is a shortlist of mystery places to visit in NYC during your free time.

Top Concealed places to visit in NYC

The Subway Station at the City Hall

The tram station located at the City Hall stopped its operation on the 31st of December 1945. Once you visit this place, you will find out that the vaulting roof of the stage could put pretty much any of the dynamic stations to disgrace. It's a dazzling, safeguarded bit of the city's history, and it can be access by the public during museum tours. This old subway station is one of the places to visit in NYC

The Rooftop Garden

A lot of New Yorkers have been along the Rockefeller Centre, yet not most of them are aware about the rooftop gardens and most probably those who are aware chose to ignore them. They cannot be compared to the Hanging Gardens of the Babylon; however they're generally as great in their startling peacefulness. In the event that you've never taken a walk around a housetop recently, Rockefeller Rooftop Garden is definitely one of the best Places to visit in NYC.


The Central park is one of the principal tourist destinations in Manhattan, yet few individuals have witness the genuine treasure in the area. On the remote northern part of the Cleopatra's Needle, an old stone stronghold names as the Blockhouse can be found. It was originally utilised by the American officers to shield against conceivable British intrusions on the isle. These places to visit in NYC can easily be found by taking the path on the north.

The Meditation Room

Searching for a place to read and places to visit in NYC? The Meditation Room of the United Nation can be accessed by the public. But be reminded that getting an access to the UN requires a strong patience. Unexpectedly, this area of worship has for quite some time been the subject of verbal confrontation among the conspiracy philosopher.

Boat Graveyard

Staten Island's own one of a kind pontoon memorial park that has been gradually rusting ceaselessly. These places to visit in NYC are situated away from the Rossville, close to the convergence of Rossville Avenue and Arthur Kill. This place to visit in NY is a creepy place to visit. Unfortunately, there is no possible way that will grant you an access to the wrecks, yet the shallows are unquestionably reasonable amusement in a couple of durable elastic boots (expecting you can pass the locked wall). In some cases, you simply need to snap photos from a distant place.

These places to visit in NYC may not be the customary attraction that anyone would like to visit. But once you have already seen a lot in New York, the usual places will no longer satisfy you, and it’s time to see new places.