The development of smartphones and pills has changed the way we hold in touch with our social circles. The days are gone when messaging intended internet talks through specific IM programs on particular pcs or costly SMS within the cellular phone network. The brand new era messaging programs utilize the Internet connectivity to transfer messages from the mobile phones, which virtually causes it to be a free-service with the added benefit of being accessible even on the go. Here are a few of typically the most popular programs on the Android system for messaging:

Launched in 2009, this Android software has a lot more than 400 million consumers in the world. The philosophy of this application's operation is simple: it uses the contact number related with your Android unit to uniquely identify you on its network. Then, it scans your contact list and gives a set of all users that are signed up with Whatsapp.

Apart from text messages, customers also can send photographs, videos and audio messages through the Internet. The latest data show that this free instant messaging apps for pc message company handles around ten billion messages through their system every day. A very important thing about Whatsapp is that it's still a free service in the Android ecosystem and do not variety any advertisements as well.

Hangouts was initially presented as a video-conferencing tool with a restricted integration with its Google's social system, Google+. But, during the last few years, Google Speak and Style programs have been merged with Hangouts, which now offer as their single messaging app. The Android app is designed to function effortlessly with both smartphones and pills, and can seamlessly switch between the simple text-mode to high-resolution video-chatting.

It is one of the numerous Asian organizations which have revolutionized the message industry. Their USP is based on the fact it supports a wide selection of languages, thus which makes it popular among a few non-English talking Android users. Aside from text-based message, WeChat also supports style messages, group seminars, cultural system plug-ins and several more.